Our Work

Whakatipu Wilding Control Group (WCG) work collaboratively to protect our outstanding natural landscapes and unique alpine biodiversity from wilding pine threats, by reducing spread and removing seed sources.

Operational Work

WCG oversee a commercial operational control plan for the Whakatipu, employing a range of control methods including boom spraying in dense areas, aerial basal bark application (lancing as shown above), logging where feasible, arborists and chainsaw crews.

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Volunteer Work

If you or a group of people are interested in helping with this conservation work using hand tools or by pulling pest seedlings, then get in touch. We organise regular volunteer events and are happy to help get you involved and have the hand tools necessary to get you chopping!

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We encourage you to view these short WCG videos which explain our ‘why’ and ‘how’…


Join Queenstown businesses, community groups, schools, and family groups to protect your patch. Each group is responsible for hand clearing their plot of seedlings and then maintaining the area to prevent regrowth. WCG helps to select a suitable plot and then provides ongoing support including training, advice and the loan of hand tools and equipment…

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Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base includes the latest science and research on a variety of subjects, from invasive species to fire risk and landscape changes.

Copper Butterfly

News & Media

3rd April 2024

WCG News Autumn 2024

Celebrating Shotover MU success with our community in 2024. A hard won milestone! Maps, images & full story in our Autumn newsetter…

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7th December 2023

Ben Lomond Project Update

And that’s a wrap! A huge thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered with us! A huge thank…

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19th July 2023

WCG Reclaiming Our Biodiversity & Natural Landscapes

An overview of the huge task of wilding pine control work that the Whakatipu Wilding Control Group and their partners…

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2nd March 2023

Dick Hubbard on wilding pines

From grains to pines. Find out how New Zealand’s cereal man ‘Dick Hubbard’ latched onto the wilding pine problem. Dick…

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