Ben Lomond Project

Date: 9th October 2023


Dates: 1 – 9th November 2023  

WCG Adopt a Plots & surrounds  

Set in the stunning, unique Ben Lomond landscape, this volunteer event will run over an almost two week long period, with free gondola & heli transport  and a time-slot of your choosing – don’t delay – get your team together now! 

WCG, are planning a large-scale wilding control operation in the Ben Lomond Basin on the periphery of the WCG Adopt a Plots, while we’re set up for contractors, we have this one-off opportunity to involve volunteers. 

There are two aspects to this mega-event.  The first aspect is to offer WCG Ben Lomond Adopt a Plot guardians the support of chainsaw contractors, if you have an Adopt a Plot, you should have received an email with this offer. The second aspect is to include other groups and volunteers in our community.  

What is this event?  

  • There is a window of opportunity, while chainsaw and heli contractors are carrying out wilding control in the area anyway, for individuals, businesses, groups and families to volunteer a morning’s work using hand tools to lop smaller wilding pines in the Ben Lomond basin to protect the ancient Beech Forests, golden tussock lands and alpine herb-fields. It is much more effective to save native plants than it is to go through the labour intensive job of growing and planting natives.  
  • This is an ideal opportunity for our community to inspire friends/family/colleauges and to build a free outdoor activity with suggested themes around xmas/team building/supporting conservation.  

What does it involve?  

  • Receive an early (6.45 am), free Gondola ride up to Ben Lomond for the morning’s mahi (Our thanks to Skyline for their generosity!) 
  • From there, we’ll put you on one of our free helicopter transport lifts to a more remote location where volunteers can work for the morning on suitable sized wildings with supplied handtools    

What do I need to do to express my interest?  

  • Choose any morning that suits you between Wed 1st – Thurs 9th November (no timeslots available on Sat 4th sorry).
  • We have Sunday 5th set aside in the weekend as a general volunteer morning for individuals and others – (this day is now full)

What’s needed: 

  • A sense of fun (we’re excited!), passion and a desire to leave the environment better than you found it.  
  • Bring a backpack with warm layers, jacket, sturdy footwear, sunscreen/hat, water and snacks  
  • Bring your picnic and sit back and enjoy the views.  

Who can be involved:  

  • Anyone who has a passion, energy and can contribute to wilding control work is welcome.  

Weather and number limitations may apply.

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